Upholstery Cleaning

At All Carpet Care & Pest Control we do all types of furniture & Upholstery, lounge suites, dining chairs, bean bags, office chairs, caravans.

AusbuyWe know where the dirt and body fats accumulate in the fabric and we have the knowledge and expertise to dissolve these stains to give your possessions the best possible clean, we have the equipment to give it a thorough rinse as well, which leaves your upholstery bacteria and residue free so it won’t get dirty quick.

We finish off with our sanitiser leaving it smelling fresh clean and safe for you and your family. Read more interesting info about roulette tips and tricks here.

Fabric Protection


At All Carpet Care & Pest Control we recommend after our Upholstery Clean & Carpet Clean you get us to apply a fabric protector. This will shield against accidents that might happen it makes future cleaning quick and easy, enabling messes to be removed before permanent staining occurs.



FibreGuardWool Friendly

  • Advanced Fluoro chemical Polymer Stain Shield
  • Extreme strong bonding for long lasting protection
  • Water and oil based stain prevention
  • High beading water repellence
  • Makes fibres easier to clean
  • Fibres stay cleaner for longer
  • Durable Protection – Even under heavy traffic
  • Red Dye Blockers
  • Wool Friendly
  • Vacuuming becomes 50%-70% more effective
  • Does not affect fire resistant fabrics
  • Low VOC – Water Based Formula
Mattress Cleaning

At All Carpet Care & Pest Control we also clean and sanitise mattress’s we use a high suction technique with an anti microbial pre spray & dirt release agent this ensures the dead skin cells, dust mites and any micro organisms are 99% removed we then follow up with a Approved Mattress Sanitiser and finish with a UV light detector to make sure your Mattress is Clean