Tile Cleaning

The best thing about tiles is that they outlast all other floor coverings because of their many benefits, some of which include:

  •   low maintenance – just regular cleaning
  •   Ability to be used throughout the home
  •   Cost effectiveness
  •   Durability
  •   Ease of repair / replacement


But if left unchecked over time they become stained, grubby and a haven for nasty bacteria. The grout lines become ingrained with dirt and look unsightly, regular household cleaning methods just don’t cut it. So here at All Carpet Care we have a 5 step method that has proved to be a winner in removing all dirt & bacteria leaving your floors clean & fresh.

1) Initial sweep and pre-inspection,
2) Apply dirt release agent,
3) Agitate with roto vac machine & grout scrubber
4) High pressure hot water Hydro-force with neutralising rinse & vacuum,
5) Towel dry excess moisture,

We help to revive & preserve your tiles & grout with a shampoo dirt release agent agitated with a roto vac machine & grout scrubber then with a hot water neutralising rinse at high pressure with high vacuum to leave your tiles & grout dry free from all dirt / bacteria

Why do you need to replace or renovate, when you can have your tiles Professionally cleaned like new?

Even when sealed, tile floors can start to show their age by the tile grout darkening and discolouring (This is the most common complaint from homeowners and business owners).
Particularly because tiles are frequently found in a moist environment, like a bathroom or a kitchen, grout can darken and in some cases grow mould or black mould. Tile floors can easily be restored to their former glory by a quick dose of tile and grout cleaning.
Although a quick clean should be done often when you regularly clean your kitchen, bathroom and general household, a dose of professional tile cleaning and grout cleaning can erase the stains and discolouring you aren’t able to clean with regular household cleaners.
So contact Ian and ask how he can freshen up your floors.

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