Urine & Odour Control

What is Odour?

Odour is simply your sense of smell (Olfactory) picking upon reactive synthetic or natural chemicals in a gas form, this is called off gassing.

There are many causes of odour. To mention all would be crazy so we’ll relate it to a few household things that get affected by it; such as all your soft furnishings e.g. carpet, upholstery, mattresses or your hard floors e.g. grout lines, floor board crevices even your walls (gyprock)

Odours can trigger different responses in a person, like a new car smell might be a good feeling or peppermint gives a soothing / healing feeling, but to some people, including me have symptomatic reactions to certain smells. A musty or mould smell gives me asthma or spray deodorant gives me hay fever / headache. So odour in your home or work space is an important issue.

A build-up of oily soils from cooking fumes might be an odour you want to get rid of, or the odour from cigarettes in a place you just moved too is overpowering, the list goes on.

At All Carpet Care we understand odours and the problems they produce so we’ll work out a solution to your problem and treat your home or office to leave it continually smelling fresh.

Pet Urine

When people think of odour in the home, they usually have an animal so they will relate odour to Pet Urine.

Pet urine is the most common odour problem, Urine leaves the body an acid, then dries to an alkaline salt, so it can acid burn your carpets and when it dries out to a salt it will lay dormant and you can’t really smell it until it rains, then humidity puts moisture in the air then the alkaline salts are activated and you have the smell back again along with activated ph levels that damage your carpet fibres. So it depends on the quantity of urine, if the backing is effected or the underlay and sub floor. So if your pet or pets have an accident act quickly to avoid an ongoing problem.

  1.  Blot (DO NOT RUB) with a dry towel / absorbent paper until moisture is completely gone.
  2.  Flood with water.
  3.  Repeat step 1   2 at least 3 times remember DO NOT RUB blot
  4. Leave as dry as possible with blotting

HINT: stand on a dry towel over the wet patch to enhance moisture removal (keep repeating)

All biological forms of odour need moisture to thrive. Without water most will either die or go into a state of suspended animation.

For bacteria to grow and reproduce it needs time, temperature, moisture, oxygen and ph. (acidity), food source, cut 1 or more of these components and you have a level of control.

At All Carpet Care we can treat all levels of the urine problem from the top to the sub floor to eradicate the odour.

Urine Detection

We use the up to date equipment and technology to seek, target and remedy the situation, our technician will show you a light source (385 – 390nm range of the UV spectrum)


These pictures were taken on a Dog Pee patch at my place

Now I shine the UV spectrum light & Wow, (don’t give this to the wife I will be cleaning for a month)

It shows a yellow fluoresce glow on all your urine mishaps, this is a crucial tool in detecting a precise area to extract the urine.

Urine Eradication

To completely eradicate a urine smell you have to remove or at least remove most of it.

At All Carpet Care & Pest Control we can target and treat the problem from the sub floor to the top of the carpet, that’s right we can reverse the flow with an Enzyme Injection Process.

We inject an enzyme deep into the sub floor surface then remove it through the underlay and carpet backing to the top of the carpet fibres by way of a advanced extraction spot water claw this process is repeated to flood that urine out and the enzymes are left to go to work on any left behind bacteria.



At All Carpet Care & Pest Control we have 4 deodorising smells you can enjoy, ask your technician to sample smell or confirm your choice or your flavour!

  • Baby Powder (my choice 2014)
  • Lavender (my choice 2013)
  • Spice (my choice when I’m sick of the other two)
  • Lemon (enzyme treatment)

Odour control may therefore mean removal of malodours or the introduction of new more pleasant odours to create a more pleasant atmosphere.