Leather Cleaning & Restoration

At All Carpet Care & Pest Control we also clean and restore you’re Leather Possessions

Keeping your leather protected and looking its best is paramount for the life of your Leather Products. It will extend the life of your leather leaving a wonderfully soft, supple and attractive finish

Our leather care program is suitable for use on…

  • Domestic or commercial leather surfaces
  • Modern or antique leather upholstery
  • Leather couches chairs, furniture and automotive interiors.

We use a deep clean with an exceptionally advanced cream, formulated to be highly effective in the cleaning of all leather surfaces. It contains mild, yet highly effective cleaning agents that gently lift out in ground dirt and grime from leather without causing damage.

We finish with a conditioner and restoration cream that is designed to restore leather to its soft, supple and fresh appearance and feel. It rejuvenates the natural oils in leather and replenishes them. Mild conditioning agents ensure that the leather is effectively softened making it last longer, and making it feel smoother. This protects the leather and helps the leather to resist scratches, cuts and scuffing.